Recruitment for 13 PhD positions: deadline for application is Monday 9 March
Foto del Dr. Luca Sangiorgi The Rizzoli Institute potentiates the Centre for Rare Skeletal Diseases
Foto della D.ssa Katia Scotlandi Sarcomas, a race against time for an increasingly precise diagnosis and innovative therapies with reduced toxicity
ERN-BOND White Paper (detail) The ERN-BOND network, coordinated by Rizzoli, presents in Brussels the White Paper on diagnosis of imperfect osteogenesis
EORS 2016 poster image (detail) Research in Orthopaedics: at the Rizzoli the Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. And the debate on the prospects of an aging Europe
Eritrea Hospital image (detail) Rizzoli and Anladi for children in Eritrea. Results of the Project "Together We walk"
Photo of prof. Shawn O'Driscoll How to treat fractures of the elbow. At the Rizzoli in Bologna orthopaedic surgeons discuss with the major International expert Shawn O'Driscoll
Photo Dr. Marco Manfrini First hip prosthesis implanted on a not yet walking child
Photo of prof. John Ioannidis Prof. Ioannidis from the University of Stanford at the Rizzoli Institute, July 8th
Photo of prof. Baldini Kyoto, Prof. Nicola Baldini awarded with the “Marco Polo Prize for Italian Science”
Photo of Prof. Carlo Catalano The new therapeutic possibility with Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound: Professor Catalano at the Rizzoli Institute on March 25th
Poster of the first ISPO Italia Congress (detail) Disability and assistive technologies, prosthesis and orthesis: the first ISPO Italia congress at the Rizzoli
Prof. Maurilio Marcacci Stem Cells and Cartilage: at the Rizzoli Institute in Bologna the most acknowledged International experts at the meeting of the International Cartilage Repair Society
Premature aging in children and other “laminopathies”: at the Rizzoli in Bologna Friday October 18th the Italian Network for Laminopathies meeting with parents and patients jointly with clinicians and researchers
An image of the operating room in Bagheria The Rizzoli-Sicilia Department: over 21.000 visits and 3.000 hospitalizations since activities began
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