Sicilian Region Renewed for ten years the agreement between the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Sicilian Region for the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department. Outstanding treatments, highly specialised activities and research at the heart of the agreement signed today in Palermo
Logo RMD Open “FibroCOVID”: Rizzoli-coordinated study reveals links between COVID-19 and fibromyalgia
Freezing the tumour with cryotherapy. At the Rizzoli Institute the first 6 patients suffering from desmoid fibromatosis were treated with this technique
 Post-operative CT image At the Rizzoli Institute a new personalised surgical treatment for ankle cartilage lesions
Photo of Alessandro Gasbarrini, director of Oncological and Degenerative Spinal Girl operated on at the Rizzoli Institute for a severe spinal deformity
Entrance to the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute Italian Sarcoma Group. Many Rizzoli professionals in the new Steering Committee, the vice-president is Toni Ibrahim MD
Photo of 3D-printed titanium sternum prosthesis Girl with 3D-printed titanium sternum implant becomes a mum
Photo of Gina Lisignoli, Biologist Regenerative medicine: a double-layer hydrogel created thanks to a scientific collaboration between Rizzoli and Sant'Anna
Photo of the Prof. Marco Viceconti In Silico World: a new world of in silico trials kicks off across Europe
"Palazzina" and new Oncology: Rizzoli expands
Back on his bike Back on his bike: 3D shoulder reconstruction at the Rizzoli Institute
X-ray image Vertebral reconstruction with 3D printed titanium prosthesis for a patient at risk of paralysis at the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department
Intervention planning image 16-year-old boy with severe elbow deformity operated at the Rizzoli. After almost 10 years the return to a normal life
Radiography (detail) For the first time in the world the ankle of a 9 years old girl reconstructed with donor bone and an extensible nail at the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin in collaboration with surgeons from Rizzoli
Recruitment for 13 PhD positions: deadline for application is Monday 9 March
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