Conservative Orthopedic Surgery and Innovative Techniques

The Ward “Conservative Orthopaedic Surgery and Innovative Techniques” includes 12 beds, in 4 rooms with 3 beds each; all rooms have bathrooms. A specialist from the Unit is on duty from 8 am to 8 pm on workdays and from 8 am to 2 pm on pre-holidays, on holidays a round of the ward is done in the morning. The Unit shares the cast room and the medication room with other units. The outpatient clinic visits on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The outpatient clinic for Regenerative Medicine is held on Wednesday afternoons.

Clinical Practice

The Unit focuses mainly on conservative surgery and lower limb prosthetic disorders, in particular of the hip and knee.

Osteo-cartilaginous hip, knee and ankle lesions are treated especially in young patients with focus on the use and development of conservative surgical techniques, using scaffolds, chondrocyte transplantation, growth factors and stem cells.

Prosthetic hip surgery, performed in both primary and secondary arthrosis (for dysplastic, rheumatic, post-traumatic disorders) is mainly focused on the use of conservative implants and bone salvage, when feasible, to accelerate recovery to everyday life optimizing post-surgical function, the surgical approach maintains muscle attachments (anterior hip approach). Attention is dedicated to diagnosis and surgical treatment of painful hip arthroprosthesis (ultrasound-guided test with local anaesthetic, arthrolysis and arthroscopic tenotomy).

Prosthetic surgery is performed for degenerative knee diseases. In particular, prosthetic revisions, for septic and aseptic loosening.

The Unit also treats osteomyelitis.

Day Surgery is prevalently dedicated to knee and ankle arthroscopy.

The Regenerative Medicine outpatient clinic treats patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head and other areas (humerus, knee, ankle), and also hip disorders without prosthetic indications (hip arthroscopy, osteotomy, joint reconstruction) and pseudarthrosis of the long bones.

Research Activity

Research is dedicated to reconstruction techniques of bone and cartilage together with the use of growth factors and stem cells, and the study of biomaterials. It also focuses on the development and use of conservative prosthetic implants and minimally invasive surgical approaches.

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