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Daniela Ghisi, MD

Personal information - Education and work experience

Surgeon MD, specialized in Anesthesia and Resuscitation


2004: Degree in Medicine of Surgery, University Milan Bicocca, with honors.

2008: Specialization in Anesthesia and Resuscitation, University of Parma, with honors.

Fellowship in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Perioperative Pain Service, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, UPMC, Pittsburgh PA, USA.

Attended courses:

  • November 19th 2004: Diving emergencies. F.I.A.S., Parma, Italy.
  • March 10th - 11th 2008: Thromboelastography: clinical applications, University of Parma, Italy.
  • July 9th - 10th 2005: Fireworks in anatomy of regional blockade, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • October 11th 2005: Acute Respiratory Insufficiency, Hospital of Parma, Italy.
  • June 16th-17th 2006: Investigator’s Meeting: Direct Xa inhibitor YM150 for prevention of venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing elective total hip replacement Budapest, Hungary.
  • April 18th - 19th 2009: Fireworks in anatomy of regional blockade, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • April 2009: Difficult Airway Course, Wiser Simulation Institute, Pittsburgh, PA,USA.
  • June 2009: Fiberoptic Intubation Course, Wiser Simulation Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • March 2010: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Wiser Simulation Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • August 28th 2010: Basic Life Support, BLS D, Istituti Ospitalieri Cremona, CR, Italy.
  • September 30th 2010: Organ donation. Istituti Ospitalieri di Cremona, CR, Italy.
  • October 5th-8th 2011: Obstetric Anaesthesia, simulation course. 65th National Congress SIAARTI, Turin, Italy.
  • November 27th-28th 2013: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Heart Association Simulearn Srl di A.A.R.O.I-E.M.A.C..

Excellent English.

  • July 11th, 2009: Pain management Symposium. Update in paravertebral ultrasound guided blocks: the intercostal approach. Nemacolin, PA, USA.
  • May 20th, 2011: From acute to chronic pain: Perineural analgesia. Istituti Ospitalieri Cremona, CR, Italy.
  • September 11th, 2011: Study in Multidisciplinary PAin Research (SIMPAR). Acute and chronic pain: where we are and where we have to go: practical part, workshop US Peripheral Nerve Block.
  • April - October 2011: Peripheral nerve blocks and vascular access with ultrasound guidance. Istituti Ospitalieri di Cremona, CR, Italy.
  • April 27th, 2012: IX SIARED Convention, Regional anaesthesia and management of the coagulopathic patient. Salerno, Italy.
  • October 25th, 2012: 66h SIAARTI Convention, Regional anaesthesia course: ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks below the knee. Laparoscopic surgery: TAP Block o local anaesthetic nebulisation. Naples, NA Italy.
  • December 14th-15th, 2012: ESRA Italian Chapter. Peripheral nerve blocks in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. Milan, MI, Italy.
  • December 14th, 2013: XIX National Convention ESRA Italian Chapter. Sorrento, NA Italy.

Member of the following scientific societies:

  • Since 2008: Italian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (SIAARTI);
  • In 2009: Orthopaedic Anaesthesia Pain & Rehabilitation Society (OAPRS); Society for the Advancement of Geriatric Anaesthesia (SAGA);
  • Since 2010: SIAARTI Study Groups: anaesthesia in orthopaedic; anaesthesia in day-surgery;
  • Since 2012: European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA);
  • Since 2013: ESRA Board, Italian Chapter; Managing Editor of the Italian ESRA website.


  • IARS 2006: Blood transfusions in orthopaedics. San Francisco. Fanelli A, Ghisi D, Merman R, Chelly JE.
  • ASA 2009: Intrathecal hyperbaric 2% Prilocaine in outpatients general surgery. Camponovo. C, Fanelli A, Cristina D, Ziegler S, Ghisi D. ASA, CD 2009.
  • ASA 2009: Comparison between nerve stimulation and loss of resistance technique for lumbar plexus block. Fanelli A, Ghisi D, Danelli G, Chelly JE, Fanelli G. ASA, CD 2009.
  • ASA 2009 Comparison between Supraclavicular and Axillary approach for Ultrasound-guided Brachial Plexus Block. Ortu A, Ziegler S, Fanelli A, Ghisi D, Danelli G. ASA, CD 2009
  • ASA 2009: Factors Limiting the On-Time Start of Surgery in a Level II Trauma Hospitalisation. Ghisi D, Fanelli A, Boretsky R, Chelly JE. ASA, CD 2009.
  • ESRA 2009: Regional anesthesia in the immune-compromised febrile or infected patients. Ghisi D, Feigel J, Chelly JE. XV Reunion Annual ESRA Espana. Pamplona, Spagna, 2009.


  • Is 23% the real incidence of urinary retention after intrathecal 2% hyperbaric prilocaine in the ambulatory setting? Fanelli A, Ghisi D. Danelli G. Br J Aneasth (E-letter) Apr, 2010.
  • Response letter to Dr del-Rio-Vellosillo et al. Camponovo C, Wulf H, Ghisi D, Fanelli A, Riva T, Cristina D, Vassiliou T, Leschka K, Fanelli G. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 2014 Aug;58(7):906-7.

Books and book chapters:

  • Chapter: Regional anesthesia and trauma. Ghisi D, Fanelli A, Rest K. Essential of Regional Anesthesia. Editors Alan David Kaye, Richard D. Urman, Nalini Vadivelu; Publisher, Springer, 2011.
  • Chapter: Ultrasound guided thoracic paravertebral block: “Classic Approach”. Fanelli A, Montoya M, Ghisi D. Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Techniques and Tips. Editor Paul Bigeleisen, Steve Orebough, Jacques E Chelly; Publisher, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, November, 2009.
  • Chapter: Regional Anesthesia and Thromboembolic Prophylaxis in Patients Undergoing Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. Fanelli A, Ghisi D, Chelly JE, Fanelli G. General Anesthesia Research Developments. Editor: Milo Hertzog and Zelig Kuhn; Publisher, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2009 
  • Chapter: Complications of Regional Anesthesia. Second edition. Fanelli G, Casati A, Ghisi D. Editor: B.T. Finucane; Publisher, Springer edition, 2007.
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