Nursing, technical and rehabilitation assistance service

At the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, the overall management of the Nursing, technical and rehabilitation assistance is guaranteed by the relative Direction.

The Direction of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Assistance Service contributes to the pursuit of the company mission by guaranteeing the overall management of nursing, rehabilitative and technical-health assistance.
The Director of the Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Assistance Service is a Manager in Healthcare Professions and:

  • Participates to the shared responsibility of the assistential management, also participating to the definition and development of assistential paths organizational models for the professional areas that are managed directly;
  • Contributes to ensure multi-professional integration, coherently with the company strategies and on the basis of functions identified by the institutive norms of the relative professional profiles and by the specific deontological codes, in addition to the regional regulation on the topic;
  • Is in charge of the organizational, management and overall coordination functions of the professional resources under his/her competence, provided the regulations by the art. 15, paragraph 6 of the legislative decree 502/92 and further modifications, by promoting the professional development through training, evaluations and development of a reward system. Especially, is in charge of projecting, surveying, and evaluating the impact of training initiatives on the assistential activities, according to the methodologies agreed with the Company Training Office.

The Assistance Service is articulated into several technical-professional areas:

  • Nursing area and area of the Assistance Support staff;
  • Rehabilitation area;
  • Radiology technical area;
  • Laboratory technical area.

The management of the assistential service is guaranteed through a dedicated staff: Representatives of Professional Areas (Responsabili di Area Professionale - RAP) and staff personnel.

Representatives of Professional Areas (Responsabili di Area Professionale - RAP)

  • Laboratory technical area Representative: D.ssa Daniela Cavedagna, phone +39-051-6366941
  • Radiology technical area Representative: Dr. Stefano Durante, phone +39-051-6366434
  • Nursing Area Representative: ... , phone +39-051-6366305
  • Rehabilitation area Representative: Dr. Daniele Tosarelli, phone +39-051-6366106


  • Assistential Service Research Center: Cristiana Forni, phone +39-051-6366694
  • Procurement management: Rita Bergami, phone +39-051-6366944
  • Multi-area projects: Manila Bettazzoni phone +39-051-6366228 and Rossella Carnevali phone +39-051-6366383
  • Health professions training: Guglielmo Celli, phone +39-051-6366478
  • Logistics and bed management: Monica Montosi, phone +39-051-6366250
  • Epidemiology: Federica Matino phone +39-051-6366332
  • Health professions area - Rizzoli-Sicilia Department: Giuseppe De Mitri phone +39-051-6366909

For the management of personnel, please call the number +39-051-6366888.

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