The Rizzoli Hospital: presentation

The Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute is an Institute that comprises treatment and research. Its high level of healthcare is the result of intense scientific research and the transfer these research results in clinical practice. High expertise; organization aimed at integration between research and treatment and the offer of high quality healthcare; innovative technologies in continuous evolution – are the ingredients for Rizzoli’s success in Italy and worldwide.

An operating room at RizzoliRizzoli is a modern hospital, with vanguard operating theaters and comfortably furnished hospital rooms. It is organized in Departments that group wards and healthcare services and research laboratories. The units are specialized in: treatment of degenerative pathologies of the hip and knee; spine pathologies, pathologies of the foot and upper limbs; sports pathologies; tumors of the musculoskeletal system; pediatric orthopaedic pathologies; and diagnosis and treatment of rare skeletal diseases. It hosts the Cell and Musculoskeletal Tissue Bank, which is the regional referral center for the collection, conservation and distribution of cells and tissues.

Rizzoli is also a location of culture and art. The Institute was founded in 1896 in the monastic complex of San Michele in Bosco on the hill close to the Bologna center. Patients and visitors can admire the architecture, the frescos and other works of art from the XVI and XVII centuries.

Finally, the Rizzoli Hospital is healthcare center, but with certain specificities “Centrality of the patient” means guaranteeing as far as possible a familiar setting, with particular attention to the younger guests. This is why we organized a School in Hospital, to help children and adolescents in their studies. We are also involved with many volunteers, in organizing events that help patients pass their time while hospitalized.

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