Laboratory of Musculoskeletal cell biology

Cultured muscular cells as seen at the light microscope. Green: actin filaments in the cytoplasm. Red: emerin in the nucleusThe Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology operates since 1986 in several fields of the bio-medical scientific research. Particular interest is devoted to: pathogenic mechanisms of muscular dystrophies, regulation of cell differentiation and proliferation mechanisms, physiopathology of musculo-skeletal and osteo-articular diseases, pathophysiology of neoplastic and degenerative diseases, cell-biomaterials interaction  and biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

The Unit of Bologna of the National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Molecular Genetics (Istituto di Genetica Molecolare - IGM), is hosted within the Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology by means of a specific agreement, and collaborates with the local Staff in the research activity.
All scientists and technicians of the Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology are involved in the activities of the RAMSES Laboratory, Rizzoli RIT Department - Research, Innovation & Technology.
The Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Cell Biology actively participates in the Italian Network for Laminopathies, an organization involving clinicians, researchers and patients who regularly meet and share scientific information, promote dissemination of knowledge about laminpathies and update therapeutic approaches. The Network website, freely accessible, gives information about pathologies, centers to which patients may refer, meetings and workshops in the different pathologies and about scientific research advances in the field of laminopathies.

Main running research projects

  • Toward a mitochondrial therapy of collagen VI muscolar dystrophies. Telethon Project GGP08107.
  • Scaffold per la rigenerazione dei tessuti scheletrici: valutazione preclinica della loro compatibilità ed efficienza. FIRB 2010 MIUR.
  • Patogenesi e bersagli molecolari di patologie degenerative dell’apparato muscolo-scheletrico. FIRB 2010 MIUR.
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