BITTA Laboratory

The laboratory works in the field of preclinical research addressed to the scientific-industrial world.

The education and expertise of the research staff allow to design and perform in vitro and in vivo studies in order to optimize:

  • structure,
  • cytocompatibility, 
  • biocompatibility, 
  • biofunctionality,
  • bioactivity

of materials, scaffolds and medical devices for the treatment and regeneration of organs and tissues.

Research activities at the Laboratory BITTABiomaterials and scaffolds are studied also in association with biological (i.e. differentiated and not differentiated cells, growth factors and other signaling molecules), biophysical and biomechanical stimuli, with in vitro and in situ tissue engineering techniques. Using specific experimental models, innovative and therapeutic technologies are evaluated in order to develop correct application methods and to study the action and pathophysiological response mechanism of tissues, organs and apparati over time.

The technological resources and scientific expertise of the laboratory also allow specific research paths in support to industry. The final aim is the commercialization and the transfer in biomedical and clinical fields of products for medical treatment and for life quality improvement (studies are developed in accordance with ISO 10993, Proof of Concept).

The technical and scientific experience, the continuous training and the implementation of research methodologies allow several kinds of activities and services:

  • In vitro models;
  • In vivo models;
  • post-explant analyses;
  • biocompatibility tests according to ISO 10993 "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices";
  • Microtomography;
  • Research results transfer, design and execution of clinical trials.

See detailed information in the BITTA leaflet.

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