CLIBI Laboratory

The CLIBI Laboratory works in the field of Clinical Bioinformatics.

It performs activities of research, development and consultancy. In a world where medicine is becoming increasingly personalized and where quality of service has become a major issue, CLIBI is developing innovative projects in the field of e-Health and clinical governance. It aims to provide computer tools that will enable the creation of an information network which will encourage, in its turn, interoperability between biomedical institutions and the development of innovation in the various sectors of scientific research, as well as simplifying and improving activities for the provision of healthcare services and patient-care processes.

CLIBI designs and develops innovative tools for organized and standardized gathering of data and information linked to study and research involving hereditary pathologies. It therefore aims at data merging and integration via interchange between structures. Its attention is directed towards innovatory aspects, that is to say transversal management of patient data and samples, in order to reach a better understanding of the ethiopathogenesis of the pathologies.

CLIBI is able to participate in the creation of modular software aimed at directing the data gathered towards a patient-centric vision of the information, resulting in major progress in the clinical sector, in the organization of pathology registers, in the gathering of biological samples and in the analysis of pedigrees. At the same time it ensures ongoing compliance with laws governing the confidentiality and security of personal data.

As a result of its close collaboration with the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute and its link with the Hub & Spoke regional network for rare skeletal pathologies, CLIBI can accede to numerous highly diversified data, thereby ensuring optimal prototyping and beta test phases for products.

Bioinformatics analysis of data

As we are aware that CLIBI is working in a continually evolving sector, we have nevertheless identified the principal themes to which our study is addressed:

  • Clinical Governance;
  • Personalized Medicine;
  • Big Data.

These sectors are needed to support the evolution and the implementation of Biobanks, Registers, Omics and to create excellence networks like the European Reference Network - ERN.
To pursue these goals, the Laboratory will utilize key technologies as:

  • Standard protocols, HL7 and ontologies;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Encryption and sensible data protection instruments;
  • Innovative platforms for data management;
  • Data management and integration instruments.

The CLIBI Laboratory therefore will work towards better clinical governance, aiming to plan welfare services around a single pathology (or a group of comparable pathologies). It will centralize the patient’s role, thereby overcoming the difficulties of dialogue between hospital information systems that have common purposes (diagnosis, therapy ...) but different languages. 
This scenario lays the stress on interoperability, standardization and data security. CLIBI will be looking towards Pathology Registers and Biobanks on the one hand, but at management support services and conduction of clinical trials on the other.

As a result of its awareness of the processes described above and its capacity to develop reliable web-based applications, CLIBI’s goal is to develop information system supports for the reduction of costs linked both to drug discovery and clinical trials, and therefore to cut personalized medicine costs, with positive effects on the time to market of pharmaceutical products and on the increasing costs of welfare services aimed at prevention and personalized care.

Moreover, the ongoing affirmation of the need to improve the qualitative level of healthcare, which has recently found legal validation in the regulations for the accrediting of healthcare structures, has provided CLIBI with the opportunity to apply its information system skills, as well as those of consultancy, to the development of integrated projects and systems aimed at streamlining the problems relating to Quality Management Systems, certification, accrediting and indexing information concerning the Risk Management sector.

In the document area below, download our information brochure with a brief description of the CLIBI Laboratory services (in italian).

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