CLIBI Laboratory

Through research, development and consulting activities, the CLIBI Laboratory realizes innovative projects in the fields of personalized medicine and eHealth, aiming at bringing innovation to the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways of patients suffering from rare and/or oncologic diseases. 
This is actualized through the projecting and implementation of avantgarde tools for the standardized collection of (big) data and information, connected to the study of hereditary pathologies. Thanks to the strict collaboration with the Simple Department Structure of Medical Genetics and Rare Orthopaedic Diseases, in fact, the CLIBI avails itself of numerous, highly diversified data, to guarantee an optimal prototyping and beta testing phase for the products.
The CLIBI realizes reearch projects such as: 1) realization of studies in epidemiology and natural history; 2) correlation of data deriving from the clinical practice, from biological material, genomics, and imaging; 3) data collection for clinical trials. This is possible thanks to the expertise in the following fields:
  • Pathology registers and innovative tools for data acquisition, merging, integration and harmonization (ontologies);
  • Analysis and management of data deriving from state-of-the-art technology for advanced genetics;
  • Management of data for innovative and high quality biobanking.

Services for external partners:

  • Consulting for the realization of IT tools in the sector of Precision Medicine;
  • Consulting for the realization of platforms for data collection on Rare Diseases;
  • Consulting for the realization of platforms for data collection on Biobanking;
  • Consulting for the realization of platforms for data collection in the eHealth sector;
  • Support to processes connected to Natural History studies;
  • Support to processes connected to epidemiological and clinical studies;
  • Management of clinical, genetic and genealogic data;
  • Support for the editing of ELSI-related documentation.
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