Hardware Material for processing, sharing and calculating clinical and genetical data including:

  • LINUX desktop

Software Material for handling Bioinformatics data, including:

  • GephCard platform**
  • LabRER platform**

Users licences and material with high technology content for updating and implementing data calculation, processing and management systems**.

Molecular Biology   

  • Ion Torrent Life Technologies*
  • ABI PRISM 3130XL Genetic Analyzer - Applied Biosystems*
  • Real Time RotorGene 6000 Termal Cycler - Corbett Applied Science*
  • 3500HT Wave Nucleic Acid Fragment Analysis System dHPLC -  Transgenomic*
  • Liquid handler (automatic workstation) Beckman Coulter*

*  to be provided by the Simple Structure Medical Genetics and Rare Orthopaedic Diseases
** to be provided by CLIBI

Content updated 05/02/2015 - 15:09
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