Evaluation of constructs (cell-biomaterial)

In the laboratory, analyses are carried out on the interactions between cells and biomaterials of different origin and nature both in basal conditions and during differentiation (proliferation, viability, specific markers expression) in order to characterize either new conception biomaterials or growth factors that can be used in regenerative medicine. In the laboratory, ultrastructural analyses by SEM and TEM technology are performed.

In the laboratory analyses are performed on the interactions between mature adult (chondrocytes, osteoblasts), mononuclear or mesenchymal cells and biomaterials of different origins, both in basal conditions and during chondrogenic, osteogenic differentiation etc. The constructs pre-clinical optimization can be carried on either in static or in dynamic systems (e.g. Flexercell and bioreactors).
The laboratory is buying a 3D printer for the production of custom-made biomaterials.
In the laboratory structural and morphological evaluations are performed by means of histological analyses and ultrastructural ones using SEM and TEM technology.

Figure 7. High resolution FEISEM image of a human chondrocyte adhering to a hyaluronic acid biomaterial (kind permission of the Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences Department, University of Bologna)

Figure 8. Evaluation of the interaction between bone marrow concentrate cells and a hyaluronic acid biomaterial by means of histochemical analysis (left panels) and TEM electron microscopy (right panels)

Figure 9. TEM electron microscopy image of a human mesenchymal stem cell

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