Molecular analyses

Molecular analysis of cell replicative potential evaluation, of damage and expression of genes involved in DNA repair systems.

In the laboratory analyses are performed to assess: cell replicative potential; cell proliferation kinetics; telomere length evaluation; quantification of telomerase enzyme activity and expression; DNA damage presence or acquisition (microsatellite instability analysis, histone H2A phosphorylation); expression of particular pathways regarding specific DNA repair genes. These analyses fall in the context of cell therapy product biosafety evaluation and monitoring during in vitro manipulation of mesechymal cells or cells derived from cartilaginous tissue, with the aim of their use in cell therapy applications.

Figure 4. Analysis of microsatellite instability on DNA from cells expanded in culture for different experimental times

Figure 5. Assessment of telomere length by Flow-FISH on cell samples at different times in culture

Figure 6. Cluster analysis of DNA repair genes expression evaluated by array-based RT-PCR

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