Administration Office for Scientific Research

Chauliac G., Inventaire de Chirurgie, manoscritto membranaceo, 1468The Complex Structure Research Administration of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute performs infrastructural activities for research in orthopedics.

It is especially committed, thanks to its staff, to assisting activities within the Scientific Area, organizing transversal administrative tasks through:

  • the coordination of fundraising, projects presentations, implementation and financial and scientific accounting to stakeholders;
  • the management of administrative-accounting activities regarding research assignments, research grants, scholarships, scientific collaborations with professionals and other national and foreign Institutes;
  • Technology Transfer and Grant Office activities;
  • European projects and project management;
  • national and international contracts, with research and funding networks;
  • implementation of the Research IT System;
  • organization of research networks;
  • contracts and procedures for clinical trials;
  • residence for studies opportunities for foreign doctors.

Sectors and collaborators


Staff Office and Secretariat and
Mrs. Claudia Cioni - phone +39-051-6366740

Contracts, Acts and Procedures

Chiara Kolletzek, Lawyer - phone +39-051-6366967 - email
Clara Del Coco, Lawyer - phone +39-051-6366538  - email

Financing and Accounting

Cristina Gironimi, MBA - phone +39-051-6366982 - email
Mrs. Claudia Salsini - phone +39-051-6366533 - email

Human Resources and Reimbursement

Silvia Corvinelli, MA - phone +39-051-6366097 - email
Mrs. Graziella Salmi - phone +39-051-6366830 email

Grant Office and Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Andrea Rizzi, MS - phone +39-051-6366923 - email
Nicola Fazio, PhD - phone
Irene Quattrini, MS - phone +39-051-6366537 - email

Scientific Production

Irene Quattrini, MS - phone +39-051-6366537 - email

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