Public Relations Office

The Staff of the Rizzoli Public Relations Office (URP)

The institutional mission of the Public Relations Office (Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico –URP) is to guarantee a bidirectional, effective communication between the Rizzoli and its users. In details, the main duties of the PR Office are:

  • listening and supporting citizens, in order to define their “healthcare needs”;
  • provide information about the Institute’s services and professionals, their performances and the organizational pathways for accessing them;
  • the setting and updating of the Service Chart;
  • the surveying of the levels of performance acceptance by the users, both informal and continuative, and through the periodic realization of specific investigations;
  • the examination of situations of inefficiency or unease, highlighted in case of complains or suggestions received by the Institute Direction, and the take in charge of answers to the respective users;
  • a systematic communication of the users’ reports, resulted from the surveying of complains or suggestions, to the Directors and Operative Units;
  • the management of relationships with the Mixed Consultative Committee and the support of its activity within the Institute.

How to contact the URP

The Public Relations Office is located the Rizzoli Hospital (via G.C.Pupilli, 1), close to the Monumental Entry on the right (with autonomous external access). It is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 2pm; on holiday eves, from 8am to 1pm. The office is open to visitors, or can be contacted via phone, fax or email:

phone. +39-051-6366900
phone. +39-051-6366544
fax +39-051-6366546


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