Improved Orthopaedic Device

Patent stage: 
Patent filing number ITALIA BO2009A000291, 8th may 2009; PCT number WO 2010/128485 A1, 11th november 2010; European Patent n. 2429457, 21st march 2012; Patent filing number CHINA 201080030405.X, 6th january 2012
Field of interest: 
Total knee replacement

New knee prostheses based on spherical mechanisms. These are orthopaedic devices for either partial, primary or secondary prosthetic knee replacement, with a component on the distal femur, and one on the proximal tibia. In a rather original way, the two prosthetic components are coupled together virtually or physically forming a spherical couple, thus generating together with the help of the preserved ligaments, a spherical movement with only a single degree of movement. This has proven to be an excellent approximation of the natural movement of this joint in passive flexion. The movement may be obtained with different designed solutions, some of which include innovative elements connecting the joint surfaces, these limit (relatively) movement to simple rolling, thus avoiding sliding.

67,5% University of Bologna; 32,5% Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
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