Line of research - Medical orthopedic pathology


The research lines affering to medical orthopedic pathology involve numerous structures of the Institute and concern:

  • The identification of pathogenetical mechanisms of rare muscular-skeletal diseases;
  • Pathogenetical mechanisms, diagnostics and medical therapy of degenerative osteoarticular diseases;
  • Degenerative diseases associated to ageing, pathogenetical mechanisms and therapy for osteoporosis;
  • Non surgical, innovative therapeutic methodologies in the osteoarticular field;
  • Rare diseases of pediatric interest.


The research line pursuits the following objectives:

  • Identification of pathogenetical mechanisms of metabolic, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies of the locomotor system and of great social impact;
  • Utilization of diagnostic, instrumental and biomolecular methodologies for diagnosis, staging and therapy monitoring of orthopaedic pathologies that cannot be treated surgically;
  • Finalization and validation of non surgical therapies (pharmacological therapy and physiotherapy, pain sedation, electromagnetic fields) for the treatment of degenerative pathologies connected to ageing (osteoporosis, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis);
  • Identification of pathogenetical mechanisms of congenital/genetic muscular-skeletal diseases;
  • Validation of pharmacological treatments addressing specific molecular targets in rare muscular-skeletal diseases;
  • Finalization of new radiological, non-diagnostic techniques (FUS, radio-guided embolization) for the treatment of neoplastic and degenerative orthopaedic pathologies;
  • Non-surgical treatment of genetic-based rare orthopaedic diseases of strict pediatric pertinence.
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