Line of Research - Reconstructive prosthetic surgery


The scope of the research line is the improvement of the clinical practice allowing to reconstruct a skeletal joint which has been damaged by pathologies (such as arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone tumors) or by traumatic events, in order to restore the joint function at its maximum level.


The research line pursuits the following objectives:

  • Experimental characterization of prosthetic materials and innovative prostheses, through tribological and computational analyses;
  • Computational simulation of prosthetic interventions for the realization of custom-made prostheses and improvement of surgical techniques;
  • Computational analysis of the joint movement and of the interaction between the prosthesis and the bone tissue, with the aim to improve the realization of prosthetic devices;
  • Monitoring, through perspective clinical studies and clinical reviews, of the prosthetic techniques and materials of primary interventions and revisions of hip, knee and shoulder prostheses, performed within regional public and private orthopaedic structures (RIPO register);
  • Comparative studies between the different prosthetic devices, to evaluate the appropriateness of their utilization in several clinical situations;
  • Finalization of non-invasive or mini-invasive diagnostic systems to identify the markers of instability or prosthetic wear and tear, in order to anticipate the revisional interventions and reduce their invasiveness. 
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