Scientific work in biological sector at Meta-LabFounded in 1996, the META-LAB Rizzoli Center carries out basic preclinical and clinical research on behalf of third parties. It offers biomedical companies its scientific skills in assessing medical devices, according to European Community directives and following international and European standards (ISO/EN).

With this aim the META-LAB Rizzoli Center has developed standardized and non-standardized trials to test both the biocompatibility and the biofunctionality of medical devices or the materials they are made of. Furthermore, particular preclinical evaluation requirements have led to the development of scientific studies, which are customized to factories that manufacture or market medical devices, thus strengthening also research activity related to clinical trials. Also consultancy and coordination of research has been developed, thus proposing and realizing also the most useful pathological experimental models to investigate and understand various aspects connected to positive and/or undesired effects of implant materials. The results of this commissioned translational research, appropriately transferred to both industry and clinical practice, has enabled new and useful treatment approaches to be realized.

The work proposed by the META-LAB Rizzoli Center in different biological, biomechanical, and technological sectors for the development of new materials and medical devices is in continuous evolution and improvement both for the acquisition of new technologies and for the implementation of internal procedures. All commercial relationships are managed by contract and research activity is concluded by submitting a scientific or trial report

Main work and services proposed to the biomedical industry, private and public research centres, and universities:

  • Biological sector
  • Biomechanical sector
  • Technological sector

The scientific skills and potentials offered by META-LAB Rizzoli can be advantageous for the biomedical industry for several activities that by law it is obliged to carry out to manufacture and market medical devices.

European directive 93/42 on medical devices establishes the essential safety and performance requirements so that medical devices can be freely marketed within the European Union territory. The application of these rules ensures conformity to the essential requirements of the directive to which the rule refers. Conformity to the requirements established by the directive is certified by the CE mark, which can be applied to the device by Authorized Bodies or, in the case of low-risk devices, by the factory itself.

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