Method of treatment of connective tissues and organs and uses of said tissues and organs

Regenerative Medicine
Patent stage: 
Patent filing number ITALIA 0001376703, 5th july 2010; PCT number 2219733, 25th august 2010; Patent filing number USA US-2010-0247604-A1, 30th september 2010; European Patent number 08840163.3, 16th october 2008.
Field of interest: 
Tissue engineering

A method of treatment of connective tissue includes the steps of providing a biological tissue or organ, coating the tissue or organ with an enzymatic solution capable of phagocytizing at least partly fibroblasts, macrophages, mast cells and other cells responsible for immune and rejection reactions in homologous and heterologous transplantations. The biological tissue or organ, after the treatment with the enzymatic solution is irradiated with ionizing electromagnetic radiations in order to obtain an acellular tissue which maintains its own extracellular matrix unchanged. Preferably, such radiations are gamma radiations having a frequency between 1019 and 1022 Hz, beta radiations or mixtures thereof.

50% Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli; 50% Azienda USL di Cesena
Scientific contact: Milena Fini, MD
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