Procedure for a complete traceability and management trough RFID of a human tissue depository

Patent stage: 
Concession number ITALIA 0001385212, 11th january 2011.
Field of interest: 
RFID technology for the traceability in biological bank of tissues for transplantation

A procedure to trace and completely manage storage of human tissues by RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology, comprising the following phases to be carried out by the sender:

  • A transponder device, with memory and antenna;
  • Storage in the memory of prime data regarding the musculoskeletal tissue; 
  • Placement of the tissue in a container; 
  • Attachment of the device to the container; 
  • Shipment of the container to the recipient.  

The procedure includes also the following phases to be carried out by the recipient:

  • Receipt of the container with the tissue from the sender;
  • Reading of the prime data from the memory device; 
  • Filing in the memory second data regarding the implant performed/or to be performed with the tissue; 
  • Transmitting to the sender a main signal containing the second data.

The procedure also includes the following phase, to be performed by the sender:

  • Receipt from the recipient of the main signal including at least the mentioned second data.
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