The Rizzoli-Sicilia Department in figures

 Actvity in the surgery room of the Rizzoli-Sicilia DepartmentOutcome of an agreement between the Sicilian Region and the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna, the Rizzoli-Sicilia Department has started its work in the course of 2012, first with outpatient activity, from February 1st, followed by the hospitalization activity by the General Orthopedic ward, on April 11th.

In this section, regularly updated, we report the main activity data.



Main activity data

  cumulative total up to December 31st, 2012
cumulative total up to February 28th, 2013
Number of patients visited under the NHS 6.687 8.318
Number of patients visited by private professionals 5.207 6.490
Total number of visited patients 11.894 14.808
Number of hospitalizations under the NHS 1.799 2.295
Number of hospitalizations by private professionals 2 5
Total number of hospitalizations 1.801 2.300
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