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Ankle arthroscopy at the Rizzoli Institute: first initiative in Italy for 100 orthopedists

29 November 2012

The ankle arthroscopy is a surgical technique utilized in the treatment of precocious lesions, with the objective to avoid or postpone an ankle prosthesis. The most recent studies have especially focused on some aspects to comprehend in order to timely address patients, and young patients especially, towards an arthroscopic surgical treatment.

“The ankle arthroscopy school we today implement at the Rizzoli Institute – explains Dr. Dante Dallari, MD, head of the Rizzoli Conservative Orthopedic Surgery and Innovative Techniquesallows orthopedists to acquire the accurate training needed to practice this technique: from a point of view which is both diagnostic, in order to frame correctly the treatable lesions, and surgical, to properly start utilizing the ankle orthopedic surgery. It is the first experience of its kind in Italy, and represents the beginning of a journey for the one hundred orthopedic surgeons involved.”

On Friday, November 30th at 8.30am, in the Vasari Room of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna (via Pupilli, 1 – Hospital Monumental Area), the congress will be opened by the Rizzoli Scientific Director, professor Francesco Antonio Manzoli, and will be chaired by professor Armando Giunti, former Director of the Rizzoli First Orthopedic Clinic.

The most recent studies have been especially focusing on the femoral-acetabular impingement (a conflicting situation between the femur head and the acetabulum) and other on historically neglected anatomical structures. Dallari continues: “the correct comprehension of the symptomatology of the femoral-acetabular conflict and of the initial cartilaginous lesions, especially in young patients, can address timely to an arthroscopic surgical treatment which can reduce the development of articular issues. The growing interest shown by the international scientific community to this sector of study is a confirmation of how the ankle arthroscopy is presently one of the most promising fields in modern orthopedy”.

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