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Disability and assistive technologies, prosthesis and orthesis: the first ISPO Italia congress at the Rizzoli

31 January 2014
Poster of the first ISPO Italia Congress (detail)

On Friday, January 31st, and Saturday, February 1st the first ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) Italia congress will be hosted at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. The meeting will take place in the Auditorium (“Aula Magna”) of the IOR Research Center, and is addressed to doctors, physiotherapists, orthopedic technicians, podologists, occupational therapists, therapists of developmental age neuro-psychomotility, and engineers. Numerous will be the speakers and moderators of this two-days training and confrontation event, which will open with the intervention of Dr. Giovanni Baldi, President of ISPO Italia and IOR Chief Executive Officer.

Poster of the first ISPO Italia CongressTwo will be the lectiones magistrales, the first being held by Prof. Rajiv Hanspal, elect President of ISPO International, and the second by Eng. Marco Cavallaro, vice President of ISPO Italia, who will present, respectively, the activity of the International Society and the new technologies for the projecting and production of prostheses and ortheses. An educational session is also provided to give space to the students of the Health Professions Degree Courses cognate to rehabilitation, and to expose the results of their degree theses.

For more information:

What is ISPO? ISPO is a non-governative organization founded in Denmark in 1970 with the goal to improve the quality of life of people suffering from disabilities, improving their physical mobility. Its set up consists of over 90 national societies; each of them organizes autonomously, within its country, events aiming at promoting the activities and objectives shared with the International Society.

The main activities of the Society concern the promotion and diffusion of clinically relevant researches, the development of innovative technologies, the definition of updated and qualitatively relevant training programs, the definition of guidelines for the training of orthopedic technicians.

ISPO Italia was constituted in 2013, its legal head office being at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna. Its members are professionals from different specialties; the President of the National Committee, coordinating the association’s activities, is Dr. Giovanni Baldi, and the Scientific Head is Prof. Maria Grazia Benedetti, from the Rizzoli Institute. 

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