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Formentini Laura, MSc


Date of Birth


Current assignment

PhD Student

Title of qualification awarded

Master Degree in Molecular and Applied Biology at Marche Polytechnic University

Other qualifications awarded

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Marche Polytechnic University

Positions held
  • 2020: PhD Student at the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute; PhD programme in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology, 36th course cycle, University of Bologna. Project name: “Development of personalized medicine in osteosarcoma by exploiting novel representative, genetically characterized experimental models”
  • 2017-2019: Internship at IRCCS – INRCA  PST – Laboratory of Genetic and Molecolar Biology (Ancona). Project name: “Identification, validation and characterization of structural genomic variants associated with retroelements in patients with multiple melanoma”
  • 2013: Internship at Microbiology Laboratory (Hospital of Civitanova Marche)
  • English: B1
  • French: A2
  • Molecular biology techniques: nucleic acid extraction and quantification, PCR, RealTime PCR, gel electrophoresis, site specific pcr development,Sanger Sequencing.
  • Use of Windows and Office (Word, Power Point, Excel).
  • Use of scientific databases (NCBI, Pubmed) and online tools (Blast, Ensembl, Primer3)
Scientific activities

Genetic and molecular characterization of PDX models generated by Osteosarcoma.

Clinical and/or Scientific interests

Oncologic research, Osteosarcoma, Next Generation Sequencing for molecular discovery of driver factors in Sarcomas.