Quality system

The evolution of healthcare system has made always more perceivable the need to introduce methodologies for quality assurance and control, reaching the development of quality management systems that aim to guarantee, in time, continuous improvement and transparency in the quality level of the provided services.

The Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute has implemented and is maintaining a system for quality management, with the objective to address specific necessities that are complementary to each other: the continuous improvement of quality for the provided performances/products (healthcare and research/study activities, scientific production) in terms of managerial and techno-professional efficacy, efficiency and safety; in addition to the continuous satisfaction of clients-users and of the different parties involved. Furthermore, the necessity to comply to specific national and regional legislative duties, specifically: 

  • the legislative decree n. 288 of October 16th, 2003: reorganization of the legislation on Scientific Research Hospitals (IRCSS), according to art. 42, par. 1, of law n.3 of January 16th, 2003, providing the implementation of a quality system for all IRCSSs;
  • the legislative decree n. 229 of June 6th, 1999: norms for the realization of a National Healthcare System according to art. 1 of law n. 419 of November 30th, 1998, and the legislative dispositions and norms of reference for the authorization and regional accreditation to guarantee the quality of healthcare performances;
  • the Regional Committee deliberation n. 736/2008 “POR FESR 2007-2013. Adoption of guidelines for the implementation of the activity n. I.1.1 ‘Creation of technopoles for industrial research and technologic transfer’”.

The different quality systems implemented and mutually integrated can be summarized as follows:

  • Certification “ISO 9001” since 2008, with special reference to the Research area and expiration currently set in 2020;
  • Institutional accreditation for healthcare structures, concerning our two Departments for integrated activity (DAIs), according to the regional regulations of Emilia-Romagna, since 2001; the renewal is planned before March 31st, 2019;
  • Accreditation for industrial research structures, concerning the Research & Innovation Tecnology Department (RIT), since 2011; the renewal verification is planned for February 2019, in compliance to the regional deliberation n. 1943 of December 4th, 2017.

In charge of coordinating the certification and accreditation activities is the Quality and Accreditation Office, belonging to the General Direction.

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