Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was appointed by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council with the deliberation n. 1.101 of July 30th, 2012, and is composed of five members.

Given the resignations of President Nicola Falcitelli, LL.M. (from January 1st, 2016), of Stefano Inglese, MD (from July 15th, 2016) and of Prof. Maria Paola Landini, MD (from December 2nd, 2016), occurred after the appointment date, the Steering Committee is currently undergoing recomposition. Two new members have been appointed by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Council through the deliberation n.210 of February 27th, 2017: Nando Minnella, MBA, and Prof. Raffaele Lodi, MD.

The Steering Committee of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute is thus presently composed by:

  • Anna Maria Baietti, MD
  • Prof. Raffaele Lodi, MD
  • Nando Minnella, MBA
  • Laura Testi, MBA (Temporary President)

As provided by the Committee Regulations, after former President Falcitelli resigned the role of Temporary President has been assumed by Laura Testi, MBA.

As provided by the Regional Law n.29 of December 23rd, 2004, and further modifications, the Steering Committee covers functions of address and control, with particular reference to the strategies of the Institute and the management and maximization of its assets. It also performs the functions and activities listed in art. 8, paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 and art. 9 of the Legislative Decree n. 2088 of October 16th, 2003.

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