Current research

The current research is programmed according to a triennial plan that follows six principal thematics:

  1. Muscular-skeletal Oncology;
  2. Reconstructive prosthetic surgery;
  3. Computer-aided medicine;
  4. Muscoloskeletal regenerative medicine;
  5. General orthopedics and traumatology;
  6. Medical orthopedic pathology.

The current research lines have been reconfirmed in 2013 for the three-year period 2013-2015. A specific scientific supervisor has been identified for each research line. The assignment is confirmed for a 3 year period, renewable. The current supervisors have been appointed with the decision n. 307 of May 28th, 2012.

The lines include several research projects, entrusted to the responsibility of a dedicated scientific supervisor.

The current research is funded by the Ministry of Health, distributed proportionally to the scientific production of every Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care (IRCCSs). Here the 2015 data on the funding for current research (page in Italian).

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