Emergency Ward

The Rizzoli Institute Emergency ward is an Orthopaedic- Traumatologic Emergency Ward.
Assistance is finalized to patients with acute orthopaedic problems and traumas. During the daytime it is open daily to public from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. During the night an orthopaedic emergency is open at the Ospedale Maggiore.

The new entrance to the Emergency Department after the restructuring of 2012-2013.

Access by TRIAGE

Access to Emergency is regulated by the Triage Emergency System that selects patients according to severity, reducing to a minimum waiting times for urgent patients. The grade of severity is classified by a colour code:


emergency situation


urgent case


less urgent case


not urgent, inappropriate access
patient has to pay charges

Administrative and Secretarial activity

This is carried out by the Emergency Ward Office (ph.+39-051-6366286 - fax +39-051-6366365) comprising an administrative assistant and an administrative collaborator. The Office:

  • book visits, also by telephone;
  • mails INAIL files;
  • checks and manages of payment of charges, mailing reminder letters for pending credits;
  • gives patients general information and information on how to access other services or structures;
  • files certificates.
Office hours to public: from Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. to 0.30 p.m.  



The Emergency Ward is located in the East Wing of the Hospital, and occupies about 400mq. The plaster rooms and the operating room are supplied with medical gas and all anesthesiologic equipment for anesthesia in compliance with the regulations. The pedestrian entrance has a video entry phone connected to the reporting room.

Clinical Practice

Foto di autoambulanza davanti all'ingresso monumentale del Rizzoli

All traumatic musculoskeletal lesions, except craniofacial, thoracic and abdominal, and all orthopaedic diseases in acute phases are treated.   
Clinical practice is guaranteed, by orthopaedic surgeons who rotate from the Orthopaedic Wards of the Rizzoli Institute Departments, coordinated by the head of the Emergency Ward. Minor traumas are treated in the Emergency operating room whereas more serious traumas are treated in the operating theaters according to predefined shifts for each Ward.
Nursing services are guaranteed by a team of Professional Nurses coordinated by a head nurse and with the collaboration of nursing assistants.
A Professional Nurse is always present at the triage station and access is taken care of by a Professional Nurse. Two nursing assistants per shift collaborate with the Professional Nurses.


Research and Training Activity

Courses held by the Emergency Ward nurses:

  • 3 Nurses are BLS D  Instructors for the Training Center IRC Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli program and hold BLS D Course;
  • Annual Update Course for Nurses of the Italian National Health System: “Theoretical and practical laboratory on bandage and immobilization


Booking outpatient visits with the National Health System:

 Visits to the Rizzoli Institute outpatient clinic are booked directly by the physician on duty or by the Emergency Ward office also by phone.

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