Scientific Research

The latest regional and National guidelines identify in translational research the core activity of a Scientific Research Hospital (Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico - IRCCS) as the Rizzoli. IRCCSs must, in fact, serve as a hinge-joint between scientific research and the treatment of patients.

At the Rizzoli, this mission is also reflected at the organizational level. The activity of the Rizzoli is, in fact, assigned to a departmental organization in which each of the two departments of the Institute (the Complex Orthopaedic-Trauma Pathology Department and the Special Orthopaedic-Trauma Pathology Department) results constituted by the aggregation of operative assistential units and operative research units (research laboratories).

The main objective of the two departments is, in fact, the convergence of competences from the different operational units, to allow a stricter integration between the scientific research activity and the activity for assistance and care.

At the Rizzoli, the performed scientific activity is also differentiated into current research and finalized research.

Research results: scientific publications

One of the most important indicators of scientific production is built from the produced scientific publications. The scientific publications realized by the staff of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in the latest years, evaluated by normalizing the SCI impact factor according to ministerial criteria, are reported in the following table. The Rizzoli has been long positioned among the first Scientific Research Hospitals with regards to scientific production.

N. of scientific publications, in the last five-year period, assessed by normalizing the Impact Factor SCI according to ministerial criteria:






Full length articles published in journals cited by Current Contents (S.C.I.) and/or Index Medicus 274 340 291 270 290
I.F. normalized according to the Ministry of Health criteria 1.111 1.209 1.236,5 1.219,5 1.157,5

Average I.F.

4,05 3,55 4,24 4,5 3,99


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