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Simonetti Elisa, MSc


Date of Birth

Biotechnologist; Biomedical Laboratory Technician

Current assignment

PhD student

Title of qualification awarded

2019: Master’s degree in Medical, Veterinary and Forensic Biotechnological Sciences
Thesis: Evaluation of immune contexture in thyroid carcinoma
Graduation grade: 110/110 cum laude

Other qualifications awarded
  • 2016: Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Thesis: Mutational analysis of KRAS, NRAS e BRAF in colorectal cancer, Graduation grade: 110/110 cum laude
  • 2019: Qualification to practice as a Biologist – Section A
  • Registration in the professional register of  Perugia-Terni at n. 298 (TSRM PSTRP)
  • Registration in the National Register of Biologists – Section A, n. AA_085406
Positions held
  • From November 2022: PhD student at Laboratory of Experimental Oncology in Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute (Bologna) PhD program in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology XXXVIII cycle, University of Bologna Project: “Genomic characterization of ultra-rare sarcomas: a step forward towards the development of personalized medicine"
  • June 2020 - October 2022: biomedical laboratory technician at the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, Bologna.
  • July 2019 – February 2020: Volunteer attendant at USL Umbria 2 – Orvieto Hospital Unit – Analysis Laboratory.
  • 2018-2019: internship for a master’s degree thesis at the Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Laboratory (1-MISEM) of Perugia Hospital.
  • 2015- 2016: Internship for the bachelor’s degree thesis at the Medical Oncology Laboratory of Perugia Hospital.
  • 2013-2016: trainee in the laboratories of: Anatomy and Pathological Histology; Microbiology; Transfusion Laboratory; Hematology; Laboratory of galenic preparations; 1-MISEM; Medical Oncology Laboratory; Cytogenetics Laboratory.

Italian: mother tongue
English: fluent

  • Good knowledge of the Office package (Word; Excel; Power Point) and the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Immunohistochemical techniques on paraffin embedded tissue samples (FFPE)
  • Molecular biology techniques: nucleic acid extraction from tumor and/or healthy histological pieces, cell pellets, FFPE sections; PCR; Real Time PCR (qPCR); quality control of nucleic acid; library preparation for sequencing on NGS instrument (platform ILLUMINA NextSeq550 e NovaSeq6000); Sanger sequencing
  • Western Blotting
  • Use of scientific databases (NCBI, Pubmed)
Scientific activities
  • 30/03/2023-01/04/2023: XXVI annual meeting Italian Sarcoma Group (ISG)
  • III International AICC Exosome Meeting 7 ͭ ͪ- 8 ͭ ͪ june 2021
  • 14-19/04/2023 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting 2023 (AACR) ‘RNA-Seq analysis reveals the overexpression of Polycomb Complexes-associated genes in Small Cell Osteosarcoma’. Maria Antonella Laginestra, Alessandro Parra, Elisa Simonetti, Laura Formentini, Michela Pasello, Alberto Righi, Davide Maria Donati, Cristina Ferrari, Laura Pazzaglia and Katia Scotlandi
  • 23-25/09/2021 6th Annual meeting Alliance Against Cancer (ACC) ‘New technologies and strategies to fight cancer’ Abstract: ‘Precision medicine in osteosarcoma: the value of representative models’. Laura Formentini, Alessandro Parra, Elisa Simonetti, Maria A. Laginestra, Laura Pazzaglia, Maria C. Manara, Lorena Landuzzi, Pier-Luigi Lollini and Katia Scotlandi
Clinical and/or Scientific interests

Genomic characterization of ultra-rare sarcomas