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Ancarani Cristina, Statistician


Date of Birth


Current assignment

Administrative Collaborator

Title of qualification awarded
  • 2000 – Master’s degree in Statistical Science at the University of Bologna.
Other qualifications awarded
  • 2004 – Second Level Professional Master in Epidemiology for regional health services at the University of Bologna.
  • 2014 - Theoretical and practical course aimed at the construction and conduct of clinical research protocols for the application in daily practice of the principles of evidence-based practice procedures (ebm - ebn - ebp) - GIMBE Foundation - Bologna.
Positions held

2010-today: She has been collaborating with the R.I.P.O. Registry, which collects data from internal and regional databases on hip, knee and shoulder prosthesis performed at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute; elaboration of data quality control procedures; elaboration of inferential statistical analyses of phenomena and application of significance tests and survival analyses. Implementation of bench marketing management tools in the field of prosthetic orthopaedics.


Microsoft Office package and the main statistical processing programs such as SPSS, SAS and JMP.

Scientific activities

Data collection and processing of the RIPO (Registry of Orthopaedic Prothesic Implantology of the Emilia Romagna Region).