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Dr. Orlandi Magli Antonella


Date of Birth


Current assignment
  • Head of Organizational Unit "Rehabilitation" IOR and Department Rizzoli Sicily
  • from February 2022 Implementation of the Operational Unit Service Rehabilitation Area Hospital Mazzolani - Vandini Argenta (FE)
  • from 2017 Component OFRoCS Regional Continuing Education ECM Emilia Romagna Region
Title of qualification awarded

Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences of Health Professions at the University of Florence AA 2014/2015 110/110 cum laude

Other qualifications awarded

I Level University Master in "Management in the Nursing and Midwifery Area, health technician, preventive and rehabilitation" AA 2008/2009

Positions held
  • Rehabilitation Therapist at the Home Protected Crespellano 
  • Rehabilitation Therapist at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institutes in Bologna with the qualification of Professional Operator Full-time temporary collaborator
  • Voluntary attendance at SRRF of Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institutes in Bologna
  • Rehabilitation Therapist at the San Petronio Center in Bologna 

Italiano: Mother tongue
Inglese: Scholastic level

  • Knowledge of the use of personal computer Windows environment, good knowledge of word processing programs, spreadsheets and databases of the MS Office package (Word, Excel)
  • WHRTIME for operator shift management, scheduled absences
  • Good knowledge of online databases related to research
Scientific activities

•    Sphera Medical Journal: ”Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Rehabilitation Treatment after Surgery” (January 2007)
•    What Factors Are Associated With the Recovery of Autonomy After a Hip Fracture? A Prospective, Multicentric Cohort Study (2018)
•    The tolerance of physiotherapy treatment in patients with COVID-19 and undergoing surgery for fragility hip fracture: An observational study (June 2021)
•    Post-hospital care pathway for individuals with hip fracture: what is the optimal setting and rehabilitation intensity? An observational study (August 2022)
•    Comparison of a fast track protocol and standard care after hip arthroplasty in the reduction of the length of stay and the early weight-bearing resumption: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (May 2021)
•    One-year mortality after hip fracture surgery and prognostic factors: a prospective cohort study (December 2019)
•    Does adding neuromuscular electrical stimulation to rehabilitation following total knee arthroplasty lead to a better quadriceps muscle strength recovery? A systematic review  (June 2022)
•    The impact of the pandemic on functional outcomes for joint replacement patients: An observational study (September 2022)

•    Scientific Secretariat: Conference Physiotherapy 4.0 present and future November 2019