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Emergency Ward


The Rizzoli Institute Emergency ward is an Orthopaedic- Traumatologic Emergency Ward.
Assistance is finalized to patients with acute orthopaedic problems and traumas. During the daytime it is open daily to public from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. During the night an orthopaedic emergency is open at the Ospedale Maggiore.

The Emergency Ward is located in the East Wing of the Hospital, and occupies about 400mq. The plaster rooms and the operating room are supplied with medical gas and all anesthesiologic equipment for anesthesia in compliance with the regulations. The pedestrian entrance has a video entry phone connected to the reporting room.

The average annual access is about 30,000 patients.

The new entrance to the Emergency Department after the restructuring of 2012-2013.

Access by TRIAGE

Access to Emergency is regulated by the Triage Emergency System that selects patients according to severity, reducing to a minimum waiting times for urgent patients. The grade of severity is classified by a colour code:


Clinical Practice

All traumatic musculoskeletal lesions, except craniofacial, thoracic and abdominal, are treated.   
At the main entrance there is a health professional who directs users in the correct way: there are two different paths, one for adult patients and the second dedicated to pediatric patients (<14 years).

After acceptance in the triage area, orthopedic medical examinations are carried out and, upon completion of the diagnostic process, any requests for radiological performance in the premises of radiology PS (with staff and rooms dedicated exclusively to ps).

Adjacent to the triage room, there is also a "meeting room", fundamental to ensure maximum confidentiality in a protected space, during the reception of people victims of gender violence.

If the orthopedic doctor finds the need, the patient is admitted to the acceptance department of the Institute (which is modified according to a cyclical programming that provides for a rotation of the different operating units).

Pediatric orthopedic path

A Pediatric Orthopedic Path has been in operation since May 2023, a path for taking charge of orthopedic patients under the age of 14 who access the Emergency Department. The path foresees that young orthopedic patients who urgently access our Institute are separated from adult patients as early as the triage phases and directed to a "child-friendly" space, in order to improve comfort and reduce waiting times for this category of patients.


There are always 2 medical managers I level per shift, supported by doctors in continuing specialist training.
The entire care team consists of:

  • 1 Head of First Aid and Plaster Room Organizational Unit
  • 1 Organisational contact
  • 20 nurses 
  • 12 health workers (OSS and Aus)  + 2 dedicated to "pre-filter" incoming activity 

Booking outpatient visits with the National Health System:

 Visits to the Rizzoli Institute outpatient clinic are booked directly by the physician.

Following check-ups (when not booked directly through the Emergency department) can be booked at the hospital reception desk during opening hours (Mon-Fri 7.30 a.m.-6 p.m.) or by calling +39-051-6366530 (Mon-Fri 8.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.).


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Contacts and Locations


Contact person First Aid/Guard station 
tel. +39051-6366421-422

Where are our locations?

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