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Patient protection

The fresco of Crucifixion (detail), attributed to Bagnacavallo

Placing the patient “at the center” means explicitly recognizing and putting into effect patients’ rights. To do this in a complicated organization like a hospital means to work on more than one front. Staff is of fundamental importance. This is why we expect our employees to be polite, kind and empathic while at the same time professionally competent. But also organization is essential.

Rizzoli is engaged in controlling and improving quality, as can be seen by regional accreditation and ISO 9000:2000 certification. Efforts are also made to guarantee patient safety with an advanced program of clinical risk management and to avoid pointless sufferance with the program “Hospital without Pain”.

Particular attention is dedicated to patients who feel more uneasy in a hospital context: children, elderly, fragile individuals. Our attempt is to make the hospital stay “friendlier” (school in hospital, events), but we also take care of discharges with protected discharges.

In this practice we are stimulated and supported by the Joint Consulting Committee (Comitato Consultivo Misto), an organ composed of representatives of various volunteer and patient protection associations, and by representatives from different offices within the Institute. It is several years that the Committee monitors “quality seen by the consumer” to promote improvement of services as with the “humanization project”.