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Hospitalisations and Waiting Lists

At the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, admission can only take place on the recommendation of an Institute specialist.
Waiting Lists for scheduled surgeries are managed directly by each individual department, under the responsibility of the Chief Medical Officer of the Operations Unit and the supervision of the Health Director.

Information about the Waiting List

Patients on the Waiting List for admission to the National Health Service (SSN) can obtain information about the waiting list and the time needed for admission writing to or calling the toll free number from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 14.00.

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Please note that in the phase of entering the Waiting List is assigned a priority class (A, B, C, D) according to the patient’s clinical urgency. Each priority class corresponds to a time within which the hospitalization is expected (see a dedicated page).

For the distinction between "Take Charge List" and "Waiting List", the indication of the opt-out or cancellation criteria and further information on the management of waiting lists, please consult the in-depth page.

At the Rizzoli there is an Orthopedic-Traumatological Emergency Room, it follows that several admissions are arranged "emergency". When emergency admissions increase, it may be necessary to revise the schedule of planned admissions.

Information for admission to hospital

Hospitalization usually takes place at the expense of the National Health Service (SSN). At the request of the patient, it can also take place in a greater comfort and liberal professional regime.

People who have an operation with the National Health Service (SSN), are subjected to surgery by a professional of the U.O. team to which the doctor belongs who has placed the patient on the waiting list; If the patient chooses to do the surgery under the Liberal Profession, he has the right to choose which professional will perform the surgery.

Hospitalization in Day Surgery

The hospitalisation in Day Surgery involves the execution of the surgery in the morning time slot and discharge of the patient in the late afternoon, in the same day of the surgery.

Here more information about admission to the Rizzoli Hospital:

For information on access to the Rizzoli Hospital (via G.C.Pupilli 1) consult the relevant web page.