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Conference centre

Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute has a modern conference centre, with large conference rooms and exhibition areas. The conference centre is in the Codivilla-Putti research centre, in via di Barbiano 1/10, not far from Bologna city centre.

Besides hosting many of the conferences promoted by the institute, the conference centre can also be rented by third parties. For information and estimates contact the Professional Education Office.

The conference centre has a main hall (450 seats), an "amphitheatre" hall (310 seats), a meeting hall (hall 2), and a reception. When required, corridors can be added for commercial exhibitions, and there is room for facilities (secretariat, wardrobe, etc.), and a large buffet area.

All the conference rooms are equipped with a screen, a desk on a platform with microphones, speaker podium with independent microphone, wireless microphones, amplification system, video projector, audio recording and slide center, booths with simultaneous translation, technical assistance.