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PNRR: seven biomedical research projects funded for Rizzoli

Over 6 and a half million euros PNRR funding allocated by the Ministry of Health to the research of Rizzoli

April 18th, 2024

New therapies and networks of biobanks for musculoskeletal tumors and rare diseases, innovations in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, new solutions to reduce the impact of prosthetic failure and improve vertebral surgery techniques: 6.630.275 euro are the PNRR funding of the Ministry of Health with which the IRCSS Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna will develop seven projects approved in the field of biomedical research.

"These projects represent perspectives of great interest for the improvement of care in areas where research is crucial - comments the Director General of the Institute Anselmo Campagna - Rizzoli develops, in the joint work between laboratories and departments, innovation of international reference: we continue to carry out research activities that guarantee significant results for our patients today and tomorrow."

The list of projects financed:

  • PI: Giovanni Barbanti Brodano | Title of the ptoject: Orthospine Fitness: which markers of musculoskeletal health can explain complications in spine surgery? | Financing allocated: 998.310,00
  • PI: Milena Fini | Title of the project: Sustainable innovation with a method based on peripheral mononuclear
    cells and platelets related factors to screen, monitor and stratify the population at risk of osteoporosis and fractures (DISCERN) | Financing allocated: € 672.350,00 
  • PI: Toni Ibrahim | Title of the project: Innovative drug delivery nanophotonic platform for implementation of sarcomas therapy (DEEPLY) | Financing allocated: € 1.000.000,00
  • PI: Luca Sangiorgi | Title of the project: Biobanks, registries and national health records: modelling a networking strategy to foster research & development and to support the secondary use of data and samples of rare disease patients | Financing allocated: € 981.524,00 
  • PI: Katia Scotlandi | Title of the project: Scale-up the industrial development of CD99-null exTracellular vescicles (EVs) As theRapeutic Tools by using Ewing sarcoma as prototype (START) | Financing allocated: 996.609,00 
  • PI: Francesco Traina | Title of the project: Innovative Technologies for Cost-Effective Healthcare Delivery for salvage procedures of failed treatments of osteoarthritis: specific biomimetics solutions to reduce a growing problem with a high social and economic impact |  Financing allocated: 998.152,00 
  • PI: Davide Maria Donati | Title of the project: Developing a Biobank Network among major sarcoma treatment centers to improve biomedical research |  Financing allocated: 983.330,00
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