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The laboratory offers a "customized" printing service with biomimetic materials of various nature through the combination of multiple printing technologies in a single process, in a controlled sterile environment. The present platform consists of two instruments:

  • 3D Discovery, a printer that builds the devices through the polymerization of cellularized or non-cellularized hydrogels, substances able to support the growth of various cell types, or the use of thermoplastic polymers for the realization of shelves and 3D models
  • 3D Discovery Evolution, which, in addition to the already mentioned technologies, allows the realization of constructs with characteristic sub-micro/nanometric dimensions through the use of electrospinning/writing technology both for casting and in solution.

Figura 3: Piattaforma di 3D Bioprinting. I dati dei pazienti sono ottenuti tramite immagini TAC effettuate presso la Radiologia dell'Istituto e processati mediante specifici software. I files sono inviati alle stampanti che realizzano il costrutto

Figura 4: Esempi di biofabbricazione. La tecnica permette di ingegnerizzare tessuti complessi utilizzando le cellule del paziente stesso (Biofabrication), con precisione micrometrica nel posizionamento cellulare