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Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical


The RAMSES laboratory provides in vitro preclinical evaluations for the characterization of plant origin (nutraceuticals) and synthetic products, and their role as molecules potentially useful for the therapy of musculoskeletal diseases, such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The skills and instrumentation present in the laboratory allow to acquire preliminary information on the effect and mechanism of action of natural or synthetic molecules, using advanced methodologies. The aim is to provide companies operating in the field of health food products (such as food supplements, foods for special medical purposes, enriched foods and, more generally, functional foods) or pharmaceutical industries, with services aimed at developing new products, improving their quality and guaranteeing, on a robust scientific basis, their safety and effectiveness, in accordance with the reference legislation. The expertise of researchers related to the Laboratory guarantees total coverage of the necessary skills for research and development of innovative and high quality products, whose properties are certified by studies conducted with high methodological rigor, following the regulations in force and the guidelines issued by the main institutions operating in the field of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and quality certification. In the pharmaceutical field, a family of molecules capable of stimulating the anabolic function of bone tissue has been developed and patented (PCT/IB2015/058551 "New molecules for bone regeneration").

Figura 5: Terapie farmacologiche innovative per il trattamento di patologie dell'apparato muscolo-scheletrico. Studio di nuove molecole in grado di stimolare il metabolismo osseo utili per contrastare le fragilità di questo tessuto


Figura 6: Screening di molecole nutraceutiche con potenziale attività sul metabolismo osseo