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Safeguard of information secrecy and intellectual property

The present section reports the legislation of reference and the specific documents providing the main current regulations applied at the Rizzoli RIT Department for the safeguard of information secrecy and of scientific results emerged during the execution of projects and initiatives; they concern know how, materials, pharmaceutical products, devices, technologies and instruments, in addition to any confidential information.

The obligation to respect secrecy is extended to any person who becomes acquainted with confidential data. The confidential nature of information and the safeguard of intellectual property are disciplined in the contractual agreements with industry and third parties.

Furthermore, the documents refer to the respect of duties and responsibilities of operators, for whom we cite the current regulation and the deontological codes of the single professions.

General documents (in Italian)

Specific Documents (in English)

  • Clinical Trial Agreement
  • Handbook for the Promoter
  • Nonprofit agreement and declarations
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