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Gambari Laura, MSc, PhD


Date of Birth


Current assignment

Healthcare researcher

Title of qualification awarded

March 29th, 2010: Master degree in Medical Biotechnology, final mark 110/110, with honors . Thesis title: “Isolation and characterization of CD3+  and OCT4+ stem cells from human pan creatic islet”. Supervisor Prof. Gian Paolo Bagnara; Co-supervisors Dott. Giacomo Lanzoni and Dott. Francesco Alviano. Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Italy.

Other qualifications awarded

December 12th, 2007: Bachelor degree in Medical Biotechnology, final makr: 102/110. Thesis title: “Development of a Real-time PCR assay for the genotyping of high risk oncogenic human papilloma viruses”. Supervisor Prof. Maria Luisa Zerbini, Co-supervisors Dr Simona Venturoli and Dr Elisa Leo. Alma Mater Studiorum - Università degli studi di Bologna, Italia.

Positions held
  • From January 2013: PhD programs on Biomedical Sciences granted by the “European Social Fund, Emilia-Romagna, Spinner Consortium”. Doctoral project: “Development of Hydrogen Sulphide – based biomedical devices for bone regenerative medicine”. Supervisor Prof. Andrea Facchini, Prof. Lucio Cocco; Co-supervisors Prof. Erminia Mariani, Dr Francesco Grassi, Dr Gina Lisignoli. Laboratory of Immunoreumatology and Tissue regeneration. Orthopedic Rizzoli Institute (IOR).
  • November 2010 - May 2012 and June 2012 - February 2013: Fellowship granted by FORST “Fondazione per la ricerca scientifico termale” (Foundation for scientific thermal research): "Role of Hydrogen Sulphide in the regulation of bone cells”. Supervisor Prof. Andrea Facchini; Co-supervisors Prof. Erminia Mariani, Dr Francesco Grassi, Dr Gina Lisignoli. Laboratory of Immunoreumatology and Tissue regeneration. Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute.

Mother tongue: Italian.

Other language: English (level B2, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Good knowledge of Office, Internet navigation, use of programs for primer, probe and clones design (ProbeFinder, Clone Manager Professional Suite version 8, Universal probe library, Primer 3, Sito di design di primer di NIH, Operon, Blast), western blot bands identification and quantification (Carestream, Image J) and statistical analysis of data (Graph pad).

Scientific activities

During the experimental activity aimed at preparing the two theses I learned the most relevant methodologies in molecular and cellular biology, respectively. In particular I have been involved in studies on uterin cervix carcinoma and in the development of new methods for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of papillomavirus infection; furthermore I had the possibility of learning different methods of isolation and culture of mesenchymal stem cells from different sources and of developing new methods for stem cells differentiation as a basis of a potential therapy of diabetes. After these activities, I decided to continue my studies on different applications of mesenchymal stem cells, maintaining however a great interest and commitment on both cellular as molecular aspects.

Winner of a research fellowship granted by the Foundation for thermal scientific research (FORST): “Role of H2S in the regulation of bone cells”.

Winner of a Doctoral fellowship granted by the European Social Fung, Emilia-Romagna. Spineer Consortium: “Development of Hydrogen Sulphide – based biomedical devices for bone regenerative medicine”.

Stage for the “Comprehension of new molecular mechanism at the basis of osteoblastogenesis” at the Laboratory coordinated by Prof. Piva (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Ferrara. 15/05/2010 -15/09/10); European Calcified Tissue Society PhD training (15-1/09/2013, Hamburg, Germany, oral presentation); Summer School & Workshop on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (9-13/07/2012, Riva del Garda, Italy).

Number of publications: 5.

Number of abstracts: 14.

Reviewer for Tissue Engineering.

Affiliation to scientific societies: Stem cell research Italy (2012); FORUM in Bone & Mineral Research (2013), European calcified tissue society (2013,2014).

Clinical and/or Scientific interests

My general interests are biomedical researches with particular attention on stem cells, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. In particular, I am now focused on both the analyses of biomolecular and cellular pathways regulating bone biology and cells cultures on scaffolds in both statical and dynamic conditions for bone regenerative medicine. Moreover, in recent years, I had appreciated the role of gasotransmitters, in particular of Hydrogen Sulfide, in the regulation of cells, tissues and organs.