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Rare Disorders

Rare Skeletal Disorders (Osteochondrodysplasias) are a heterogeneous group of hereditary disorders of the connective tissue, that arise from cartilage anomalies and cause growth and development problems. Over 200 disorders are included and differ by clinical, radiographic and genetic characteristics.

The logo of the Rare Disease Day.Because of the rarity of these pathologies (their incidence varies from 1/25.000 to 1/100.000 born alive) diagnosis is difficult, efficient drugs and proper treatments are thus a challenge to the healthcare system.

Rizzoli in the Rare Skeletal Disorders Regional Network

To face this challenge the Emilia-Romagna Region established the regional network hub & spoke for Rare Skeletal Disorders that sees the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute as a regional referral center (hub) where centers on the territory (spoke) converge their requests from of physicians and patients.

The Department of Rare Skeletal Disorders  is the coordinating center for the Regional Network of Rare Skeletal Disorders. The outpatient day service is the most adequate model to answer the needs of these patients and furnishes in one day or with a limited number of accesses diagnosis, controls and therapies by specialist visits, instrumental examinations or therapeutic services. While the specialist can exploits all diagnostic and therapeutic potentials offered by the hospital to formulate in the shortest time possible diagnosis or administer therapies requiring multidisciplinary treatment.

The following Rizzoli Units participate in the Regional Network for Rare Skeletal Disorders: